Fall 2022

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Since 1932, members of Manitoba’s trucking industry have worked together for our industry and province. Our efforts have continued without fail through depression, war, natural disasters, recessions, booms and busts. And our collective efforts continued through this most recent global crisis, a public health pandemic, always in an effort to improve our industry, to do better by and for the people who make our industry and our province great.

We are facing great challenges: the supply chain is as robust as ever, but despite this, it is struggling to meet the needs of those we serve. Our human resources are our greatest strength, and recruiting, training, and retaining our industry members are key to our future. Infrastructure is crumbling and needs to be re-built, but re-built to a standard that can withstand future climate change-related challenges. The environmental issues we have no option but to face as a society can also seem daunting for our industry.

But every day, step by step, we continue working to improve our industry and make it better. From advocating for safety rating changes to environmentally-friendly equipment retrofits, the federal ELD mandate and driver training funding programs, we are all working together to make Manitoba’s trucking industry the best it can be. By seeking solutions to our problems, we are turning our challenges into our opportunities.

Through the longstanding commitment and support of our industry members, we can find opportunities in adversity. We are proud to feature some of our long-term members throughout this 90th-anniversary feature. We are proud of our past and look forward to what the future brings to Manitoba’s trucking industry.

At the Manitoba Trucking Association, we serve the industry that drives the nation.




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