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Consistent Truck Drivers Avoid Crashes, Research Finds

On June 9, 2021, Trucking HR Canada launched its a new industry-wide labour market survey for employers. This survey provides the trucking and logistics industry relevant, accurate, and accessible labour market information.

The survey itself will update and uncover data on employment changes resulting from COVID-19, expected challenges moving forward, and what supports employers need for the future. As this reality is different for everyone, Trucking HR Canada invites all owners and HR professionals of trucking and logistics companies across Canada to have their voices heard.

Trucking HR Canada, in partnership with The Conference Board of Canada, hopes employers will take approximately 20 minutes to participate in this confidential survey.

As a leader in providing the most credible labour market information for the trucking and logistics industry – these survey results will supplement publicly available data by filling in the gaps and helping us give the full picture on the labour market.

All participating organizations will receive an invitation to an exclusive early release briefing of the survey results for 2021. “Trucking HR Canada’s labour market information project – allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s everchanging challenges in face of the pandemic. By participating in the short survey, you will be helping to prepare the industry for a strong economic rebound. Help us, help you,” says Craig Faucette, Director Policy and Programs, Trucking HR Canada. Small or large, your organization is invited to participate and have a say.

To take the survey, visit https://ca1se.voxco.com/SE/82/thrc_employer_survey_2021.

Mike Stapleton Named VP of Industry Relations at ISAAC Instruments


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