Spring 2019

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Imagine on Monday, you discover that your meticulous, rule-following accountant and creative, eccentric marketing person have switched positions. How’s this likely to work out? In truth, some variation of this misalignment is common in most organizations.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association would like to announce our partnership with Natural Resources Canada. During this partnership, the STA will be offering training and programming; including Smart Driver for Highway Trucking, the Green Freight Assessment Program, and SmartWay Canada.

Q - How healthy is the trucking industry in your province?

Chris Nash - Alberta’s commercial transportation industry is essential to the overall safety, prosperity and economic security of Albertans. A unique aspect of the transportation industry is its reliance on commercial and retail industries, including the oil and gas sector. Data suggests the large volume of heavy truck transportation in Alberta is strongly associated with oil extraction, exploration, refining, distribution and all related oil and gas construction project activities. Additionally, considering the oil and gas sector historically acted as a ‘litmus test’ for the health of Alberta’s economy, the experiences of Alberta’s commercial carriers have demonstrated the commercial transportation industry’s prosperity depends heavily on the oil and gas sector.


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