Spring 2018 News

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On Jan. 11, the MTA hosted member companies and representatives from the Manitoba government to discuss new driver training funding opportunities within the province. Over the past five years, through the Skills Development Program, Skills and Employment Partnerships has supported (on average) over 150 trainees/year at a cost of over $900, 000/year. However, after consultations with

the MTA, Skills & Employment Partnerships revised its policy for supporting truck driver training to support the trucking industry in meeting the real demand for drivers and to increase trainee employment and retention outcomes. Items on the agenda included expectations of employers, applicant qualifications, and government commitments to training.

For members interested in using this program, employer expectations include
• act in good faith and ensure a job exists for each signed letter
• undertake proper due diligence by
• undergoing regular hiring processes
– conducting thorough interviews
– properly assessing each candidate for aptitude and suitability.

Some criteria as outlined by the province (such as that in the above) were unexpected. MTA staff are working diligently to better understand or to remove this criteria but it is the policy as it currently stands.

For more information about this program, contact Danielle at the MTA office.


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