Spring 2022

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By the Manitoba Trucking Association

Members of the Manitoba Trucking Association have identified two main priorities for our industry: human resources and the environment.

These are generally the two main areas in which we spend the bulk of our time. As an environmental initiative, a significant investment in the Efficient Trucking Program has been underway the last two years. This program has helped push Manitoba’s trucking industry onto a greener path through investment and collaboration between government and industry.

By Jordan Ewart, Manager, Policy & Government Relations, Saskatchewan Trucking Association

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association’s Women Shifting Gears (WSG) program, in partnership with the YWCA of Saskatoon, just completed its second cohort of students.

The program is designed to help women who have experienced barriers to employment enter the transportation industry with the skills, knowledge and education needed to be successful.

By Kelsey Hipkin, Staff Writer, AMTA

We are all familiar with seeing snowplows on Alberta roads. Most of us are familiar with the adage “amber and red, snowplow ahead” and behind that are contractors and drivers on the road – sometimes 24/7 – ensuring driving conditions are as safe as possible.

Snowplow season is generally from October 1 through mid-April, though Warren Stasiuk, Manager of Safety with Volker Stevin Highways Ltd., says there are instances when plows will operate out of season (for example, Kananaskis experienced snowfall this August).


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