Spring 2022

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The trucking industry has so many endless opportunities.

The experiences you will gain are greater than any other industry that I have ever been involved in. I feel very privileged to be a part of an industry that makes the world go round. Operators of trucks have been on the front line throughout the pandemic and continue to provide essential services. We are very proud to say, “Thank a Truck Driver.” – Kerri Lynn, President, Hawk Logistics Ltd.

Life is too short to let a silly little thing  like gender hold  you back.  – Samantha Handke, General Manager, Highway 9 Ag Services
Having been in the trucking industry for over 20 years, I have long known what it took a pandemic for the rest of society to appreciate: that truckers and the team that supports them, are essential to our economy and daily lives. Truckers are not just the “horn honking 10-4 good buddy” trope that people have seen portrayed on TV and movies. Truckers are everyday people, supporting their families and communities, by living a life that is demanding and takes more effort and responsibility than most people understand. I am proud to support this industry and appreciate the diverse opportunities it presents.– Pauline Wiebe Peters, CPA, CGA, VP – Finance & Administration, Payne Transportation Ltd.


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