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HAL Insurance Celebrates 65 Years

 HAL Insurance (Highway Agencies Ltd.) is a full-service general insurance brokerage, located in Regina, SK, that specializes in commercial insurance with a focus on transportation. HAL Insurance (Highway Agencies Ltd.) is a full-service general insurance brokerage, located in Regina, SK, that specializes in commercial insurance with a focus on transportation. To celebrate its 65-year anniversary, Western Canada Highway News had the opportunity to connect with Susan Ewart, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA), to learn more about HAL Insurance and its journey over the past 65 years and into the future.

“HAL Insurance is a transportation-focused insurance brokerage that also offers a unique operation, called the Canadian Sports Insurance Brokers (CSIB),” says Ewart. 

“We operate across Western Canada and provide liability and accident insurance for sports teams, leagues, events, fitness, basically anything sports and leisure activities. We certainly like to specialize in niche areas. We also have a partnership in Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc.”

HAL Insurance has 11 employees – several, whom specialize in area(s) to serve its clients with particular needs, and all, whom are dedicated to their team and the services they provide to clients. 

“Bill Cornelisse is a commercial broker, who focuses solely on transportation. He is also the managing partner in Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc. (CTCI), of which HAL owns 51%. CTCI gets your trucking company up and running and looks after the IRP, IFTA and several other services as well,” said Ewart.

“David Stearn is our Director of Insurance Operations and his focus is on other types of commercial risks, such as Condo Corporations or Real Estate, and Industrial Properties; Lori Gropp and Russ Collicott are both commercial brokers, who focus on transportation insurance as well as contractors; Krista Sali is our go-to for everything sports related; and Cassidy, Jessica, Laurie, Jenn, Rhonda and Cecilia round out our team and all support and focus on our customers and the services we provide. They are all fantastic.”

Over the course of 65 years, HAL Insurance has been dedicated to shaping and evolving its corporate culture to where it is today: where colleagues share a sense of belonging and a healthy respect for work/life balance. 

“Employees who know that their employer believes in those values and lives them as well have strong engagement from their teams and better overall results. We have been able to accomplish those things,” said Ewart. “We have a real sense of what customer service is and how our actions impact not only each other but our customers. You can see the commitment from all our team to ensure that their clients are well taken care of. Insurance certainly is not one of those ‘commodities’ that most people actively look for, but our Brokers take pride in providing the best advice and products to support their customers business activities. 

In 1955, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association purchased HAL Insurance and continues to honour and recognize its deep-rooted history in Saskatchewan and the stories, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. In 65 years, it has grown from a small brokerage into a leading provider of transportation and other commercially related insurance products. 

“Our team are some of the most knowledgeable Brokers in this field. There certainly have been several economic issues that impact the types of business we write, especially during the ‘Pandemic of 2020,’ but we have been able to remain steady with our customer base,” said Ewart. “Most of our business is trucking-related and, although the industry has experienced a few ‘speed bumps’ this year, many Saskatchewan trucking companies have managed to make it through.”

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the team at HAL Insurance builds trust with their clients and provides them with the knowledge and information they need to be confident in the products and services they choose. To better enhance the customer service experience, HAL Insurance has invested heavily in technology, over the years, to stay connected with its customers and streamline processes around administrative processes.

“Our reputation is as important to us as our clients are and all our team upholds the values of the insurance industry – good faith, honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity – daily,” said Ewart.

When COID-19 arrived in Canada, HAL Insurance had to act quickly to adapt to the changes and stay in business. Insurance Brokerage’s in Saskatchewan were deemed as an ‘allowable business’ and essential service that could remain open to customers during the heightened lockdown. 

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we locked our doors and sent most of the staff home to work remotely. A few of us stayed behind to keep the lights on and the business going as we were quickly able to adapt,” said Ewart. “Our IRP department was hopping at the beginning of all of this and has not slowed down at all. We were able to install sneeze guards and source all the appropriate PPE quickly.”

Ewart is proud of the people she works with and to be a part of such a successful team, who’s dedicated to the transportation sector. Looking ahead, Ewart visualizes a future that is positive and prosperous. 

“I have come to believe in the power of positivity and when you set your mind to something you can truly accomplish that goal. When you surround yourself with a team who can see the vision, it makes getting there that much easier.”

To learn more about HAL Insurance and its offerings, visit www.halinsurance.ca.  



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