Winter 2019

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Since the beginning of the new year, the STA would like to welcome new members: Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry, Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd., 18 Wheels Training, Caylee Trucks Inc., Hawk Logistics Ltd., 101288330 Saskatchewan Ltd., Isaac Instruments, and Triple S Transport.

 The STA looks forward to welcoming more members as the year continues. Are you interested in a membership and wondering how the STA can serve your organization? It is a question asked frequently by companies that have not yet experienced the benefits of STA Membership.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association speaks on behalf of all its members to policy makers. Trucking companies are stakeholders for many different government groups such as, but not limited to, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the Ministry of the Economy, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, and rural and urban municipalities throughout Saskatchewan.

These groups have a direct influence on the trucking company through the creation of policies and regulations such as weights and dimensions, speed limits, highways system ratings, carrier profile, National Safety Code numbers, insurance premiums and much more. Most aspects of trucking in Saskatchewan are regulated by one of these groups. As such, it is important that when policy is created, changed or required, that the trucking industry have a voice at the table – the STA provides that. It takes the collective interests of the industry and advocates for them to a variety of policy making groups.

As a member of the STA you have access to the STA staff, a highly trained group of professionals who are employed by theSTA to communicate, educate and provide assistance to members on day to day issues such as compliance, labour regulations and weights and dimensions.

The STA offers a variety of training courses, compliance literature and industry specific products that are available to Members at discounted rates.

Training for drivers and safety trainers is also available to Members. Have drivers that need Hours of Service Training? Wish to road test a driver before you hire them? Have specific training needs that may require a customized session? The STA can help, with all the above and much, much more For more information, call 306-569-9696 or check the STA website at



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