Winter 2019

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AMTA has implemented some key updates to its Auditor Certification Program.

 “AMTA has collaborated closely with peers and government to update aspects of our Auditor Certification Program, aligning with Alberta’s new standards while getting closer to the goal of harmonization.” said Injury Reduction and Training Director Erik Sherman.

AMTA’s Auditor Certification program takes students through highly structured, consistent training designed to support critical skills and competencies expected from a professional. The program applies to new and recertifying auditors (internal or consultant).

Steps taken to achieve certification as an AMTA COR Auditor include completing Health and Safety System Building (HSSB) prior to Fundamentals of Auditing, then finishing with COR Auditor.

Fundamentals of Auditing is a skills development course preparing new auditors to take on program specific electives such as COR Auditor. It explores audit theory, process, and auditor roles as these things apply to any auditing purpose.

Consultant Auditors are required to complete an additional course specific to their role.

“It’s important to remember that Consultant Auditors are independent businesses.” Sherman said. “We require them to complete an additional day of training on business ethics, insurance, and professional conduct.”

Auditors are required to recertify their program elective every three years. Internal Auditors are still required to complete an audit for each year in-between, while Consultant Auditors are required to
complete no fewer than four audits in that same period. Consultants are often auditing for other Certifying Partners as well. Due to this, AMTA will accept up to two audits having been completed under a different Certifying Partner.

AMTA encourages continuous professional growth and requires all AMTA Certified Auditors participate in a minimum of two days of professional development per year. This can be any training, seminars, conferences, or workshops. Visit for more information.


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