Summer 2019

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As part of its annual contribution to the CTA’s national infrastructure priority list, the MTA is sharing what it feels are the most pressing infrastructure concerns in the province. According to Terry Shaw, MTA Executive Director, these are “items that, in most cases, should have been addressed much sooner and need to be resolved much more quickly than what we are currently seeing.” The 2019 submission include:

- Chief Peguis extension, which would relieve traffic from routes such as Portage Avenue, Notre Dame Blvd., Nairn Avenue, and Main Street;
- Kenaston Blvd widening to relieve the daily traffic count of 40,000 to 58,000 vehicles from their current four traffic lane slog; and
- PTH 100 South Perimeter requires closing at-grade crossings in favour of separated crossings. New to the list in 2019 include the Headingley bypass and St Norbert bypass. Investment in these bypasses
would increase safety by reducing traffic lights, rail crossings, and the traffic slowdown required when driving through communities, while increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.

The national priorities list will be released by the CTA shortly. Welcome new MTA members The MTA is pleased to welc


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