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On April 16, Red River College (RRC) announced its purchase of a property to continue preparing future employees for the city’s aviation and aerospace industry; RRC had been leasing the hangar since 2002 for its aviation classes.

The Province of Manitoba supported the acquisition by approving the College’s plan to borrow up to $8 million to acquire the facility. The purchase will save RRC nearly $1 million over the term of the mortgage and enable greater flexibility to grow and adapt its renowned aviation and aeronautics programs.

The facility is located on RRC’s Stevenson Aviation Campus and is to be named the Hubert Kleysen Hangar. The Kleysen family will also set up a scholarship fund for students in the
RRC program.

RRC’s two campuses are located at CentrePort Canada, enhancing industry access to a skilled workforce and strengthening the linkages between industry and education.


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