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Trimac Transportation (“Trimac”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Canadian truck transportation business of Gibson Energy Inc., an oil infrastructure company with a significant presence in Alberta and Western Canada. The purchase of this business compliments Trimac’s existing portfolio, further expanding its coverage and capabilities in the services of bulk transportation.

Founded in 1953 as Gibson Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd., Gibson became one of the first midstream companies in Canada to move and market crude oil. In 1969, it acquired its first two insulated semitrailers to haul heavy crude and thus, its private fleet operations began. Gibson hauls a variety of products including crude, condensate, LPG, sulphur, asphalt and petroleum coke. In this transaction, Trimac will continue to provide transportation services to Gibson through a long-term exclusive agreement and will be acquiring all of Gibson’s commercial trucking contracts, rolling assets and welcoming approximately 160 employees.



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