Winter 2019

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“ Our tenacity is our strength. We know who we are, we know our industry, and we are not afraid to go after what we want.”

– John Erik Albrechtsen, MTA

Q. How has your leadership term gone so far? Is your association
in a healthy position? Have there been any surprises?

Jude Groves – Great – in saying that, the only constant is change. The AMTA executive committee and leadership from the association staff have had the opportunity to develop good working relationships with our new government finding workable solutions to Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT); trying to get New Generation Wide-Base Single Tires (NGWBST) across the line municipally; ongoing discussions on regulatory red tape and emerging issues such as ELDs; provincial hours of service; and a multitude of other regulatory issues impacting how efficiently we all do business. The association is healthy. As always, we love a good challenge from our members with how we could better support them.

At this point, the trucking industry’s looming driver shortage is old news.


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