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August 11, 2015 – Press Release

Howes Company Background

For over 95 years Howes Lubricator has been producing quality, professional grade products that offer peak performance and protection. In 1920, Wendell V.C. Howes formulated a line of preventative maintenance products that would fuel the company to worldwide recognition. At the time, the automotive industry, still in its infancy, lacked any significant performance improving products. Howes toiled over formulas for years before he felt satisfied with his “Motor Elixir.” Extensive testing has proven that his original creation exceeded all expectation, and even today, products in the Howes line are still based on this secret formula.

Now in its fifth-generation, the Howes family is more dedicated than ever to giving their customers state-of-the-art, top of the line products that meet the demands of changing fuels and engine designs. Using only the highest quality, petroleum based ingredients, Howes continues to be the leader in today’s ever-growing additive market. Rob Howes, current President of Howes Lubricator, says, “Everything is based on my great grandfather. Not only are the products based on his original formula, but our mindsets are based on his core values as well. We only produce products that truly work and are always safe to use. When you buy a Howes product you’re not just buying it from a family company, you’re becoming part of our family.”

Howes Lubricator’s most popular product, Howes Diesel Treat, has kept generations of over-the-road truckers from gelling up, and extended the life of their engines. Fuel gelling is a major concern for most truckers and Howes Diesel Treat eliminates that concern and also cleans and lubricates the entire fuel injection system. The treatment reduces the cold filter plugging point by 20 degrees or more and is backed by Howes’ one of a kind guarantee; “You go or we pay the tow!” If your truck gels up while using Howes Diesel Treat, Howes will pay the tow. “We’re that sure of our Diesel Treat formula,” Rob Howes says, “and each and every one of our products has a money back guarantee that can’t be beat.”

The next in a great line of products is Howes Meaner Power Kleaner, an additive produced by Howes for year-round use. It does not contain an anti-gel and instead has extra cleaning and lubricating properties to combat the effects of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and deposits caused by the new high pressure common rail injector. Howes Meaner Power Kleaner combats the issues caused by ULSD and more by adding lubricity, eliminating water problems, cleaning injectors and increasing power. Howes guarantees a minimum 5% increase in fuel economy or your money back, and promises to save you money and fuel related down-time.

In 2015, Howes has introduced their newest products, the Enhancer Line. Howes Fuel Enhancer is the first product Howes has offered that is safe for use in gas and diesel. The product cleans and lubricates upper cylinders and injectors while reducing heat and friction and providing more complete combustion. Another new product is Howes Oil Enhancer designed to raise oil pressure, lower operating temperature and extend the life of engines and gear boxes. There is also a Hub Oil in the line that increases the life of bearings and seals.

Recently, Wendell’s great, great grandchildren, Erika and Rob Howes II, joined the company and the family couldn’t be more thrilled about their involvement. “Over the years we have expanded the product line and the company has grown just as our family has,” says Rob Howes. “But our products are the best they’ve ever been, our customers are, as always, our top priority and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.”


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